SemQuu is a research prototype for Semantic Process Modeling and Querying. The platform consists of a client and a server component. The server is based on the Jena semantic web library and the Pellet inference engine. The client is an add-in extension of Microsoft Visio®.

This website is part of the documentation belonging to the prototype developed as part of my PhD Thesis. It is currently under construction, so check back later.



Process modeling, augmented by...

+  semantic standardization of models via ontologies

  +  auto-suggestion of patterns during modeling

    +  ontology-based semantic correctness check during modeling

      +  "intelligent" querying with content-assist and machine inference

         =  Semantic Process Modeling and Querying


 New:   Demo film presented at CeBIT 2013.    New:   User Guide & Documentation.

— SemQuu uses the W3C-Standards OWL and SPARQL.
Author & developer:  Michael Fellmann