SemQuu in 5 Steps

1. Generate an Ontology

The Ontology generator component allows to speed up the specification of the organisational process ontology.
Screenshots: Ontology Generator »   Sample Ouput »

2. Annotate a Process Model

Use the context-sensitive semantic annotation and standardisation support to enrich models including pattern suggestions.
Screenshots: Grounding Dialog »   Pattern Dialog »   Annotation Info »   Process Construction Sample »

3. Check Correctness while Modeling

Use the continuous ontology-based correctness checking feature during modelling to ensure a variety of structural and behavioural constraints.
Screenshots: Instant Feedback »

4. Convert your Model into the Repository

Use the simple repository functionality to transform and manage your models.
Screenshots: Model Export »

5. Query the Process Space

Make use of the querying functionality equipped with auto-completion for intuitive query building and full OWL 2 DL inference.
Screenshots: SemQuu Server »   Batch Queries »